For Autumn/Winter 2017 the clothes are colourful and energetic, the bold patterns, as always, more geometric than pretty, frilly or girly.

For the designer himself, it all starts with the fabrics, mostly his own developments. They are usually striking, without shouting above the voice of the client. Mixes of colour in the same pattern is one of the designer's strengths.


I enjoyed being in this masterclass listening to the master explaining how the story of his design is in its geometry - graphic dots in not-quite-clashing colours. Those spots might be mixed with checks, or the squares as a basic grid with flowers smothered on top for a striking cape.



The individuality of pattern is the most obvious element that makes the Duro Olowu collection out on its own. The clothes are not quirky, rather elegant and measured. And it is a rare pleasure to find a thoughtful designer who can bring individuality to his eager followers.