Bodysuits are a little like marmite: you either love them or hate them. We’ve got all kinds of bodysuits to suit all shapes and sizes. Here at Clothesminded (we are all girls in our team!) we do remember our first bodysuit and how it felt to feel a little like a woman for that fraction of a second. Bodysuits are made to wrap your body exactly as it is and make you feel sexy, chic, and feminine in your own skin, while embracing the magic of girl power. Here’s our take on how to wear bodysuit!

Bodysuits are also the ideal choice when you’re wearing high waist jeans and high heeled platforms. Whether you’re skinny or curvy, bodysuits have a flattering fit that will help you looking good!

Here is our favourite bodysuits spotted on runways or celebrities and also our inexpensive yet chic alternative!  


Our Grey Bodysuit is the perfect choice if you want to go a little edgy and sexy! Wear it with high waist black jeans and high heels for that feminine touch!



Our Grey Turtleneck Bodysuit is so comfortable and ideal to keep you warm due to its long sleeves! Wear it with army green trousers or white jeans for a trendy outfit idea!


 frills bodysuit

Our Asymmetric Frill Bodysuit is absolutely the most chic of our range! It’s great for evenings out or nights on the dancefloor, with its shiny colour you won’t go unnoticed!