It’s about time we are finally approaching the Christmas Season! Winter Wonderland just landed in London and we are so hyped about it and about all this festive celebrations, that we couldn’t miss out Kylie Jenner’s new announcement! She’s launching her holiday makeup collection early next week and it contains a big amount of fresh products and seasonal packaging!

 kylie jenner

The lipstick tubes feature a silver drip design, all of the products will come housed in silver boxes and accessories like a snowball-esque keychain!

 kylie jenner

We decided to make a post about it and show you how you can shine in our Metallics range, like Kylie does!


Our Range of Metallics:


 silver crop top

This Silver Plisse Top is perfect for the dancefloor! It won’t make you go unnoticed and you can easily pair it up with trousers or a skirt like our model.


 pink skirt

This Pink Shimmer Skirt has all the features to stand out! It’s metallic, pink and chic! Wear something black or white with it and you’re ready to go!


 metallic gold top

Our Metallic Gold Top is a comfortable option for casualwear days out! You can pair it with jeans or pants and choose the style you’re in the mood for!

 bodysuit frill silver

Our Asymmetric Frill Bodysuit has a lovely design and it’s ideal paired up with a black skirt like our model and for those dinners out.