We have decided to give you a sneak peak into life at the CM HQ! Our 'Day in the life' feature will begin with our very own fashion designer. We caught up with her to find out what projects she's been up to and what her day at the office looks like... Meet Amy, 24, a UCLAn Fashion Design graduate and currently the Clothesminded fashion designer. "My day to day can vary a lot as we always have lots of exciting ideas we are working on all at the same time. But if I was to sum up a busy day it would begin with researching trends. We want to make sure we don't miss a trend so we are always on the look out for up and coming trends. Whether that be from the catwalk or just what everyone has been wearing that weekend. I always have my eye peeled. I then put all my ideas onto mood boards and send to the team so we all get excited about really cool new looks. I spend a lot of time researching fabrics and trims to make sure we get the perfect bits. it is a little more complicated than that as we need to make sure they have stock or can make stock in time but I wont bore you with the finer details. As a team we choose items that we think are going to be big hits with our customers and I will make a pattern. This is where my training comes in handy especially when you have to make sure it fits correctly. I choose fabrics and then we make up the garment. There is something really satisfying about seeing the finished product. We have lots of meetings to discuss the samples and to make sure all the items are perfect. If my designs get approved then they go into production and I hand it over to the rest of the team."

Styling on clothesminded photoshoot

"Once we have stock or stock is coming in I work with the creative marketing girls to style up at shoots to make sure our vision comes to life! So much work goes into just one piece but I absolutely love when my pieces become best sellers."