Ladies, we got one of the latest trends covered. What about coats? Its almost winter time and we need to dress accordingly. We nominate trench coats as the most powerful item this time! Its trendy, comfortable but evergreen and chic. French girls love it, Londoners are loving it too. We see it on the tube, we see it on the streets. And what about the tribal and checked patterns? They give our winter a little cool twist, without forgetting to keep us warm!

Clothesminded take on long coats:


Christian Dior Trench Coat for this Fall/Winter:


A little lady-like trench coat, with a masculine and messy twist. Matched with flats and a patterned skirt, its totally en vogue right now. The white turtleneck is completing the look in style. We do love the bold lipstick too!


Celebrity Spot on




Kendall Jenner is keeping it cool with this grey matching set, a great ensemble for an effortless chic look, at the edge of a masculine outfit, without going too far. (shes wearing those heels!)

Clothesminded Grey Coats perfect for a matching set:


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