Let’s start off with the Mother Nature world: we got zoomed-in version of flowers, fruits, leaves, like we are under a microscope. Colours can range from citrus to cherry to midnight blue to baby pink.

Animals prints are beautifully designed to make girls feel magically comfortable and chic.

 birds print

Our Birds Print Dress is simply the perfect choice for girls, because can make them feel special and trendy at the same time, without forgetting to keep them comfy!

 butterflies print

Our Butterfly Print Dress is an alternative choice for a special day out or dinner, it has a cute colour scheme and adorable butterflies all over!

 horse print

Our Horse Print Dress is an original idea for those days when little women wants to feel cool!



 designers animal print designers butterfly print

Designers are all mad in love about animal prints! Check out this adorable dogs printed navy and white dress spotted on the runaway and this cute butterfly design in black and white!


Story Times are getting popular too, so designers are using fairy tales to create little scenes play out on girls silhouettes. Each print has an original style with a determined colour scheme, which looks perfectly fine when you look at it.

Also, Sea Creatures are making their way to girlswear fashion. There is a great variation of styles and colours, keeping the real photo versions as true as possible. For example, jellyfish, seahorses and corals.

 navy print

Our Navy Star Print can easily be mistaken for a Coral Print and why it should be a problem? Girls can play with prints and make their own stories about them. Stars or coral, our dress is simply gorgeous and for everyday occasions!