Popular now in trends are these hybrid garments which are the highlights for middle seasons! When the weather can't make up its mind, it's great to have an option in your wardrobe that suits!


The Shacket is heavier than a cotton shirt but lighter than a denim jacket and it’s characterised by large buttons.

A Shacket is perfect layered up, because it was made to be worn with t-shirts underneath!

You can have fun matching different colours and create new outfits with the same Shacket as well!


Also, you can wear it as a modern alternative to a coat and if you choose a longer style you can wear it as a dress. Or you can leave it buttoned up as a shirt, which leaves plenty of scope to your imagination!


The popularity of Shackets just grew over time and has now become a key piece for the spring/summer season and as a transitional piece.

The utility trend and items are starting to hit the high street shops shelves as well as those of Clothesminded. They are a good option for casualwear, check out below our shackets in stock now!



Our Khaki Shacket with Badges is getting all the attention it deserves! Its simplicity yet comfortable fit makes it the perfect choice for your to-go daywear look!

Pair it up with grey checked leggings and flats for a casual approach!


Our Camouflage Shacket with Patches is the perfect alternative for those days you just feel a little more adventurous. This trend has made a comeback, so be sure to check it out on the streets!

Pair it up with white jeans and trainers for an easy look!


Our Army Shacket with Patches is a great choice when you want to be trendy and comfy at the same time! Wear black or white jeans for a day out with friends and family!